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The inner workings of a rather different consulting company

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Office team

We have an office team of 3 full-time employees that are based in our office in Stockholm, plus some extra staff that are pulled in when needed. The office team does most of the the non-consulting work needed to run the day to day operations.

Things like:

  • Client invoicing and payment followup.
  • Course and event administration (setting up registration pages, handling customer inquiries, sending emails, etc).
  • Office management (making sure new people have keys, organizing cleaning, ordering books, buy furniture and course materials, etc).
  • Organize the bi-annual Crisp unconference.

These are just a few examples, not a complete list. The office team does a lot of stuff!

Who is the line manager of the office staff?

Since the office team members are actual employees, someone needs to fulfill the equivalent of a line-manager role. They need someone to discuss things like salaries and vacations with.

We have an informal role for this. The office team have basically elected one of the consultants to fill an office manager role, a person who they trust (and who is happy to do the job). It’s a part time job that he gets compensated for.

In comparison, the other Crispers (the consultants) don’t have salaries and don’t need a manager. In a sense, the customers set the salaries of the consultants, so it’s rather automatic.

What about sales?

The office team doesn’t really do sales, although they indirectly support the sales process (for example by routing client requests, as per the Bun Protocol). Sales is done mostly by the consultants themselves, and by our business developer. See Sales.